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Yes, we're data scientists, but we're systems engineers first. Not every problem can be solved with machine learning. Let us make sure you're solving the right problem with the right approach.

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How we augment your organization

Getting started

Many organizations want to jump on the "analytics" bandwagon without fully understanding how it will help them achieve their business goals. We'll identify the right metrics that drive your business. Then, we'll examine your data collection for gaps or missed opportunities. Finally, we'll partner with you to develop a plan to translate that data into decisions that improve those metrics.

Building a Team

People will be your biggest investment in advanced analytics. Do you need a team to model "at scale"? What type of analytical experience aligns well with your business? Are you ready for an expert in machine learning or is your current analytics team enough? We can help you answer those questions and advise you in building a team, with the right mix of skills.

Analysis in mind?

Do you have a project identified and ready to start? Let us bring our decades of experience in a wide range of analytics disciplines to work for you.

Training and education

Do you need an executive level explanation of the benefits and pitfalls of analytics?  Want your analytics staff to get technical walkthroughs of machine learning techniques? We provide training and education at all levels of the organization.

The team

Chris Tuttle


With more than 25 years of experience in the field, Chris has worked in a variety of industries—including finance, ad tech and national security/intelligence—applying advanced analytics to solve complex problems. Outside of work, he likes to travel with his wife, keep fit, and geek out with fellow Wine Berserkers.

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